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Workshop "Build Better Brains"

Martina's workshops "Build Better Brains" are based on her book. They centre around the understanding of how latest insights from neuroscience can support you as leader and strengthen your and your team’s performance.

With Millennials and Generation Z soon becoming most of our workforce, we all observe a shift in the way we think about leadership these days.

Advances in neuroscience can prepare you as leader to understand emotions and build a culture of trust and purpose for yourself and your teams.

With the help of my brain-based leadership approach, you will increase confidence in yourself and your people, improve collaboration and increase your productivity.

Example workshop agenda for team events

Introduction and Warmup

2. Your Dog loves you- your Millennial, too?

- understanding the challenges of today's leadership

- learning about the three news in Neuroscience

3. Quick Dive into your Brain

4. Balance the Action Modes

- the importance of the brain‘s chemical balance

- what stress means in business life (SCARF model)

5. Break and group forming

6. „How to Tame A Tiger“ Interactive Group Work

7. Going Green or Growing Neurons?

- the importance of trust and purpose for leadership

- setting the stage to build and balance your Better Brain

9. The GMC model: Understanding your natural leadership style: Gardener, Magician or Captain? (20min)

8. „Thank you Exercise“

- how gratitude influences your brains' energy state

9. Vision board- Homework and closing message

Speaker on executive events, conferences and panels

Throughout her career, Martina is an international speaker in topics from healthcare & medical, intercultural leadership to digitalization in pharma